Norman Rockwell



Long after the “Golden Age of Illustration” had passed, Norman Rockwell’s career continued to thrive because of the universal appeal of his images as a slice of small town American life.  He used his ability to communicate this uniquely American experience through covers and illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post, Harpers Weekly, Look and other magazines, producing some of the most iconic images in American art history. Rosie the Riveter, Four Freedoms, No Swimming, and Girl with Black Eye, among others, created a visual lexicon of an idyllic 20th-century America that still resonates with a contemporary audience.

As a result of Rockwell’s popularity as an illustrator, companies sought his talents to advertise their products. Over the course of his career, he accepted commissions from more than one hundred and fifty companies, including Coca-Cola, Sun Maid Raisins, Western Union, and Jello.

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