Marie Theres Berger

Marie Theres Berger, Kobaltblau (diptych), 2020, 35 ½ x 71 inches
Marie Theres Berger, Kobaltblau (diptych), 2020, 35 ½ x 71 inches



Marie Theres Berger featured at La Samaritaine in Paris, France

June 14, 2023

June 26 - 30, 2023

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Marie Theres Berger, Mars (diptych), 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 31 ½ x 63 inches

Marie Theres Berger Featured in American Art Collector Magazine

February 28, 2023

American Art Collector - March 2023 / Issue 209

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A native of Germany, Marie Theres studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and then at the Ecole du Louvre, leading her to make the City of Light her home. She now shares her time between Paris, the South of France, and various world travels. Berger has also been working as a lecturer in the Parisian and National French Museums since 2001.

“Painting is like life, beautiful and terrifying. Sometimes it’s hard to know who is imitating who. You are standing on the edge of a beach in the sun. Everything is fine. Nonetheless fear grips you. It’s because there is more to it than the picture; there is the sound of the waves. It is a simultaneous appeal to two senses; that’s what makes you dizzy. It’s the same unease we experience in front of Marie Theres Berger’s flowers. We don’t just see these flowers of hers; we smell them. We are amongst them. There are indecipherable contours, wild colours. But there is also that intoxicating scent of spring flowers. Smell must cohabit with vision, but there is conflict. It makes our heads spin. And where’s the sky? There is no room for it in these large canvases. We are close to the bulbs, the stems, so near the roots and the earth. To life itself perhaps? Yes, it is there, watched over by all this beauty. And that’s what compels us to look, and we keep on looking, transfixed, captivated, fascinated. Art invariably stuns. There is no escape, only the contemplation of this fragile beauty which must spoil. Isn’t that what we wanted, the ephemeral? But we hope paradoxically that it will last. After all, that is what painting is: the ephemeral becoming permanent. Will this beauty fade? And decay? Flowers can’t last; it’s not possible. But these perhaps. What if they were there to cure us from death? Don’t they seem to be protected by a transparent film, or are they under water? Are we looking at them through glass? Or through our tears? No way of knowing. Here we are again. Our serenity gone. Fear is back. We are attracted to its familiar embrace. Vertigo and a pounding heart again. Marie Theres Berger’s pictures are like our fragile lives. Let’s let our gaze wander over them, our nostrils finely tuned. And let us not resist the intoxication which will invade us.” – Floral Vertigo, by Pierre Charras and translated by Oliver Bevan

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2018 – 19 Galerie Magalie Nourissat, Paris, France

2016         Galerie Plan B, Vaxjo, Sweden

2015         Galerie Plan B, Vaxjo, Sweden

2011         Galerie Hayasaki, Paris, France

2008         Hôtel des Consuls, Uzès, France

2007         Villa Mezara, Education Nationale, Paris, France

2006         JTN Jeune Théâtre Nationale, Paris, France

2005         Maison de la Culture de Bourges, France

2002         Jenaer Glas Museum, Villa Schott, Jena, Germany

1998         Galerie Kyra Maralt, Berlin, Germany

1997         Carspecken Scott Gallery, Wilmington, DE

1997         Lilla Galeriet, Helsingborg, Sweden

1994         Fondation Pioch Pelat, Castelnau le Lez, Montpellier, France

1994         Prince Street Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021         Ninth Street Women and Their Legacy, Somerville Manning Gallery, Greenville, DE

2020         Cerulean Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2018         Galerie Magalie Nourissat, Paris, France

2017         Galerie Plan B, Vaxjo, Sweden

2016         Galerie Magalie Nourissat, Paris, France

2014         Cerulean Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2013         International Community House, Kyoto, Japan

2009         The Pennsylvania State Museum, Harrisburg, PA

2008         Fondation Lumières, Leuze sur Morsain, France

2007         Galerie Kyra Maralt, Berlin, Germany

1996         Mangel Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1993         Die Rote Villa, Berlin, Germany

1993         Galerie de France, Coral Gables, FL

Selected Public Collections

The Pennsylvania State Museum, Harrisburg, PA
The Bryn Mawr Collection, Bryn Mawr, PA
The Arkansas State Museum, Arkansas


1983 – 85 Ecole Du Louvre, Paris, France

1982         Académie Penninghen, Paris, France

1978 – 81 Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA